Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where to Begin?

The first thing I am obliged to tell you as a start this blog is that I am in fact a high school runner. But don't run away from my page after hearing that! I promise even though I am only 16, you may still will still like my blog:) That sounded a little too one is every liked by everyone!

But really...I have a lot of cool things I want to share with all of you about running, life in general, and (this may be my favorite word ever) FOOD!

Every since I started high school I've become a food junkie, healthy foods in particular. I see myself minoring in nutrition in college and also running on the track and cross country team. I'm not sure where I want to go yet, but I have lots of different options flying around my head. ( I would love to hear from anyone who has college advice! )

First posts on blogs have always been weird to me...(have I mentioned I am obsessed with reading blogs?) because blogs are built over time and truthfully, how many people are going to be reading this post? Close to none unless I am a secret celebrity and I didn't even know it. But in time I hope I can pick up a following and get past the awkward stage of blogging. (AKA when you know you have no readers but you pretend you are writing to people anyways...haha)

Well I guess that's all for now, my next post will actually contain something a bit more interesting, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right? :)

I thought I would add a picture just for fun...and to make you hungry of course!

What is your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?
Cake batter for sure! Peanut butter is also good, I am kind of obsessed with that heavenly spread.

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